Summary - February 2020

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Being a cold loving person I recently saw a temperature map of Europe showing that throughout the whole continent it’s above zero. To say that I was shocked is understatement.

temperature map of Europe

In my memory this is the first winter ever without any snow. Not only that, but we’ve got flowers blooming in February! Whenever I take my child to the kindergarten we count how many different types of flowers we spot. The last time it’s been galanthuses, coltsfoots, and leucojums. It’s a fun 15 minute walk but I would rather prefer to pull my child on the sledge rather than explore the spring flora. And so I decided to get some snow and head over to the north of Finland.

I drove ~900 km north of Helsinki to Ruka. It was well worth it. Even though the temperature is rather high (fluctuating between -1C and +1C), there’s still enough snow for skiing and hiking. I also finally saw those famous Lapland trees that get bent under the heavy snow.

Lapland snowy trees

My Elm learning got to the next level. After taking an intro course on Udemy I was left with a lot more questions than I initially had. All of them were a beginner type of questions from someone who has never heard of functional programming. It’s not just about learning the new syntax and some core functions and structures, it’s a whole new thing. And so I decided to create my own video course. I’ll create a new blog post about the process after the course is done, but so far I can say that teaching something is the best way to learn that topic. It is also way harder and longer that I anticipated, and to a degree it’s even harder than presenting on a stage.

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