Summary May 2020

May saw the relaxing of the quarantine rules, and at the beginning of the month restaurants started to open up. We went to one and were the only people there.

While I was in high school I used to ride a dirt bike. These were fun times and in the process I made some good friends and broke a few bones and had several brain concussions. This bike was in my parents’ garage since then, until I sold it few weeks ago. I had it for nearly 17 years! It was purchased by the 16-year old nutcase that resembled me a lot around the same age. I also sold my city bike and didn’t plan on buying a new one, but my child got a new bicycle for her birthday and in a few days it was impossible to chase her. So I made a rush decision to buy a… well, full-suspension bike because it was a very rational decision. Pretty much all of my most expensive purchases are made in a rush. But these also make me happiest.

After putting a halt on all of my side-projects my life became so much easier. It was absolutely the right thing to do because I can now turn my focus on shipit which in a survival mode. The app, however, is becoming increasingly better and the user stats show that.

I still haven’t started reading, but I’m coming closer to getting into that habit again. Ordered a replacement battery for my 8 year old Kindle that I haven’t touched for several years.

Finally, somewhat predictably but still as a big surprise my health started to deteriorate quickly as a result of the stay-at-home policy. It was a combination of several factors: less physical activity (I always walked, cycled, or rode a longboard to the office and back), more sitting (I have a variable height desk in the office so I stand some of the time), and the increased consumption of alcohol and baked goods. I was never a heavy drinker, and didn’t become one during the pandemic, but my consumption increased almost 5-7x from 1 drink a week to almost daily. I also moved from a small 0.33l bottle of beer to gin or whiskey. Having a healthy bread started opens you up for more baking experiments. I didn’t gain any extra weight but certainly earned some health-related issues. Pretty much the whole month of May I had an problem after problem which made me reconsider my lifestyle and drastically change my habits. I stopped baking anything other than sourdough bread, and removed all the heavy alcohol.

The end of the month culminated in some sports activities: I got back into the climbing (thankfully sport clubs opened up) with at least one weekly session myself, and one with my toddler. And one or two weekly cross-country rides. The goal for the next month is to keep the momentum going.

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