Summary July 2020

July has been another interesting month in my startup life. My co-founder has moved back to his home country leaving me alone in Estonia. Not that it’s a big deal and means an end to our company, but it’s still a bit of a blow to the social part of the company. Now it became remote-only with all three co-founders spread across Europe.

We haven’t had any new customers in July, but I started turning more attention to marketing and sales. I hate social networks, yet I feel like these are the key to some success, especially Twitter and LinkedIn. While making honey desserts, Instagram was responsible for 90% of the sales I made, here I think Twitter can be that driver. I’m yet to crack the code for that in August.

My plans to go hiking with tent at least once failed miserably. Even a day hike hasn’t happened. Instead during the hottest period this summer I got ill again. Every single year since I moved back to Estonia I get ill during the summer. Weird.

I also started doing regular sports in July. Training at home and in the office with your own weight. At first it’s hard and awkward. Both my body and mind resisted. The first week was exhausting and one one day I felt like I had negative energy. The next day I couldn’t do anything. I skipped the second week almost entirely, and continued through the third and fourth week almost every day. By the end of the month I started developing a small habit for sports. It feels very rewarding at the end of the session. If I skip the day I feel guilty.

Haven’t baked anything in this month, but started canning. Made couple of jars with apricot jam, few more with apple and strawberry. Froze a lot of strawberries for winter season along with rhubarb. And I have finally made and bottled at the end of the month my mead. Not sure how it’s going to come out, but I plan to make few more varieties. Looking for the autumn to have some sweet carrots and make wine of them.

My home garden experiments failed miserably. Most of the plants have died after I’ve collected just a handful of cucumbers and two tomatoes. Think I’ll move to herbal garden and just buy veggies in the market instead.

Finally a friend of mine gave me 4 DC motors with speed controllers. For a long while I wanted to build an RC car with 4 motors so that I could play with software-based differential and torque vectoring. Instead of diving straight into coding and soldering I decided to start with the theoretical part and instead build a Matlab model. This is a great motivation to brush my rusty math and physics knowledge and learn something new.

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