Summary August 2020

Having your first child changes everything in life. Eventually you adapt to the new lifestyle. New habits develop. You learn to better plan your time if you want some personal space. Then the second child arrives and everything changes again. You go through the same process again. I kind of expected it won’t be easy, but didn’t know in which way. In every way!

Having a second child was a huge event in August, but there are other things that happened as well: August ended with me doing sports for two months. Initially I planned to have it 6 times a week which turned out to not be realistic. First month saw me doing 3-5 training sessions per week (talking about 30-40 min freelethics) while this month was between 3-4. Nevertheless, I managed to do it and can see visible progress. My belly reduced in size and I can feel, and most importantly see my abs now. Far from having a 6-pack, but still visibly pleasant.

At work I started sending cold emails to prospects in hopes that I could land a paying client for shipit. The results were quite surprising, with about 35% response rate, and I had my first ever demo presented, and also had a warm phone call. Was extremely nervous before both, but all ended very nicely though.

A while ago I have finished reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. It wasn’t an easy to read book and took me several months to finish it, although it’s not that big. Took quite a lot of notes to come back again. In August I accidentally stumbled upon a book for children called “Ami: child of the stars” by Enrique Barrios. It’s a very short story about a one species of extraterrestrial life visited Earth and made friends with a boy. They became close friends, travelled to another world, and had conversations about life, future, love, war, science. To my surprise it was a very stoic book and was a perfect read after Meditations. This also reminded me of the Little Prince: a childish book for grown-ups.

I think I found a perfect project for myself to learn refresh my math and physics skills, learn Matlab and lower-level programming: I started building and RC car. The first time I saw Rimac C_One I got intriguied by its 4 independent motors and the possibility of having software differential and torque vectoring. Software is eating the world indeed. A while ago I saw an old project of an RC car having similar configuration. Immediately I was hooked and decided to build one myself. Sadly I jump like that into any new idea I have. Hopefully this time I’ll finish it until the end. Got some parts from a friend who used to build quadcopters, and bought 2 1:10 scale chassis along with some spare RC car parts for €50 from a person who built RC cars professionally. Since then I was learning the math behind car movement and watched a ton of videos on how to work in Matlab.

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