Summary September 2020

When you miss the deadline for writing a regular blog post and haven’t left any notes, it becomes really hard to remember what happend in that month. Nothing special, I guess, since I don’t remember much. But here are a few notes…

My RC car project got stalled for quite a while for various reasons. After disassembling the chassis I started modelling new motor mounts to support a motor for each wheel. Turned out that not only I needed a new mount system, but I also need to redo the drive chafts too. And… I just couldn’t figure out how to take these apart. As a result, zero progress in September here.

I thought that having a real startup that I am a co-founder of would stop me from coming up with new and weird business ideas, but no, it hasn’t. Although now instead of rushing to create a prototype and then forget about it like I normally do, I started writing down these ideas. Whenever I have time and interest, I conduct research, market analysis, look for similar projects. In many cases I actually found good alternatives that I started using. One of these was KiwiCo. Still, one of the ideas that I have had for over a year stood out, and I wrote down a small essay describing the competition (or lack of it), monetisation options, detailed user stories, and started creating mockups. That way if I ever decide to build it, I would have good enough documentation and plan.

After the pandemic hit and in August I became dad again, I stopped going to the co-working space I’ve been using for the past 2 years. This was also the place where I met my business partner with whom we co-founded shipit. In September I stopped the contract and now work from home full-time.

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