Summary November 2020

Another monthly update that I wanted to write in the beginning of the month before forgetting everything. Life with two small kids is becoming more and more complicated.

Funny how the opinion on 1 vs 2 kids changes from meh, that’s easy, and I have lots of energy and free time, and we can have a third kid in the first month. Then in the second month things start to settle down and you have less energy, but still capable of following all your life activities like sports, hobbies, etc. And then it hits you. In November it dawned on me that all my hobby projects (RC car, reading) and sports (climbing and freelethics) can be put aside for 6-12 months at least. That’s the reality of having a bigger family.

Still in November I managed to squeeze in a memorable event: one evening I went to a course on public speaking by a local famous journalist and TV personality. It was a one day (3h) session on improvising. After about 1-1.5h of theory and discussions we were given an envelope with something, and had to sell what was inside to the audience in 3 minutes. While waiting for my turn I went from “that’s piece of cake, I can do that easily” to “oh man, my palms are so sweaty and legs are numb”. In the end, I picked a Kinder egg and did manage to “sell” it. I won the 1st place by votes which surprised me a lot.

During my presentation I tried to use all the tricks I learned from the same public speaking course I took a year earlier. And it helped a lot. A friend of mine was there with me, and it was his first time on such an event. While he has more experience talking in front of public, I could see the difference between his and my presentations, and I could readily attribute my better performance to the course.

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