Summary February 2021

I was hoping that the biggest event of February would be puppy school, but Covid took the lead bringing down both myself, and my whole family after me.

After months of light isolation and very few meetings with family and friends, I decided to go to a Krav Maga group training. It was hell of a physical training. Ten minutes after the start I could barely catch my breath, and only half an hour later after the warm-up was finished, I managed to sync my breathing. Overall training was really good, nice people. After moving out of London, I’ve been comparing every martial arts trainer to the one I had there. I did wing chun adapted to street fighting, and couldn’t find anything even close to that here in Tallinn. Krav Maga came the closest. And so after a single session I contracted Covid and have been staying at home for the whole February (and more).

My quest for getting a dog continues. It feels like having the first child: you start buying small things, taking different courses on what and how to behave. And so I went to the puppy school and took the first lesson. I was the only person without a personal dog, so was given instructor’s 2-year old border collie that was recently adopted and is undergoing learning too. There are so many similarities between raising a child and a puppy with pretty much the only difference being that puppies grow faster. You’ve got just 7-8 months since the birth to teach it essentials. Teaching it to sleep alone takes roughly 2 weeks compared to 2-3 months with children. Because I’m in no rush to finish the training, and during the winter it’s too damn cold to stay in the school premises, we agreed to continue my lessons at the end of the spring.

Border Collie pup

Finally, a small and rather huge victory at the same time: we’ve got 10 paying customers at shipit. It took 9 months to get to the first, and another year to get to 5. Finally, it was just 1.5 months to get from 5 to 10! The quick spike is most likely attributed to the January Product Hunt launch, but given our issues with analytics, there’s no way to tell for certain. And it’s something I plan to work on in March.

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