Summary May 2022


It’s been the 2nd time I celebrated my birthday with friends since I became 18. And yet again it felt weird, scary, and unnecessary until we actually met.

We first went to the escape room after which spent the evening in a local pub chatting on random things.


A colleague of mine started a challenge in Strava in order to get everyone moving. And surprisingly it worked. Not because I feel competitive or that I pass or get passed by other colleagues in the leaderboard, but simply because others are doing sports and I feel like I need to do too.

I am trying to get into the regular habit of bouldering and invited colleagues to go climbing on Wednesday instead of lunch. Also going with my older child on Sundays. She is learning to climb with an instructor while I do it myself.

Once or twice a week I am taking my bike to work and cycling back. This is roughly 22-24km on an MTB through the city and forest.

Finally I started experimenting with the coach apps on the phone which give 10-15 minute workouts few times a week.

I opted against setting some goals, instead just trying to live a healthier life which includes more sports.


While I still don’t have enough time to go daily into forest and look for new and interesting plants and mushrooms, and I ultimately failed for the 2nd year to find any morels. In fact, this year I neven intentionally went on a hike to look for these, simply there hasn’t been a free day for that. But I downloaded the Seek app by iNaturalist and now exploring flora around.

I also got 3 new books on wild and edible food, foraging, fermentation basics, and roughly once a week I am trying something new with common plants like nettles, dandelions, pine pollen and cones, and other less famous ones. Also gathered enough wild garlic to enjoy during the winter.

There have been many times when I wanted to write a blog post on these fermentation or cooking experiments, but sadly I cannot find enough time for that. So far these remain in my phone.

RC car

After a very long pause I got into the RC car project again. Managed to finally design and print the motor mount for two rear motors. It is still not perfect, but I think this will be the last iteration befor the final print. When done, I can attach wheels, and connect motors to controller and battery to start programming it. There is still front mount to be done though, but that’s easier.

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