Black Water Lilies

By Frederic Bussi Michel Duval

An interesting dive into the life an art of Monet, his home town, and the creepy stories that all the villagers know but never openly tell.


I enjoyed listening to this book. It keeps you hooked to the story and has several plot twists.

How I discovered it?

It was suggested by the audiobook app that I use. After listening to too many self-development books I decided to take a break and enjoy some fiction. And why not listen to a novel with a good rating.

Summary + Notes

Apart from an interesting narration that I thoroughly enjoyed, the story is told by 3 women living in the same small town in Northern France, one thing that really caught my mind and made have goosebumps is the description of a murder. An 11 year old child killed his fellow classmate. The horror in the victim’s eyes perfectly described by the author, and the smile on the face of the killer brought the movie City Of God to my memories.