Letters to a Young Poet

By Rainer Maria Rilke

This isn’t a book per se but rather a collection of letters that Rainer Maria Rilke wrote Franz Kappus, a 19 year old young man who was about to go to the army.

The whole collection is available online.

I listened to an audio version of this book, and after finishing it its contents quickly perished. Yet, I enjoyed listening it without remembering a thing. I bought a paper version of this book and gifted it to a friend only to realise that I want to re-read it myself on paper. I want to go over it slowly digesting every letter. So I am leaving these TODOs in the hope to return here again.

The book in 3 sentences




How I discovered it?

It’s no secret that there are companies building cyber weapons that are then used by governments and three-letter agencies around the world to spy on the people, including their own citizens. One of these companies was the Hacking Team which got, well, hacked and all of their tools and emails were exposed to the public. The person(s) behind it was Phineas Phisher.

Several years later that same person exposed the accounts of a Cayman Bank along with the detailed description of how the hack was conducted. Inside the document were the references to several of the books that are in this queue.

Summary + Notes