What We Cannot Know

By Marcus Du Sautoy

A scientific exploration into the unknowns of our world

Initially when I first saved it to the queue I thought the book would be about thinking, how to argue, how to read books and news. I didn’t even read the description of the book before I started listening to it. And boy was I pleasantly surprised by the contents. Topics ranging from the formation of the Universe, black holes and their event horizons, information and knowledge theory, theology, and human brain.

Turns out it’s very hard to confidently name questions that we will never find the answer to. The opposite problem to the number 42.

How I discovered it?

It has been in my audio bookshelf for several years, and I don’t remember anymore where I got the recommendation from.


  • I have finally learned and understood the basics of chaos theory. Not that I couldn’t read about it on my own, but this book explains it well
  • I never thought about it, but given that photons are massless particles that move at the speed of light (haha, surprise), they don’t age